Friday, May 30, 2014

Canadian History

For the past two years, we have been part of the Classical Conversations community in our city. We have had a love/hate relationship with it. We love the friends we have made, we love the structure it adds to our homeschool. We do not love getting up early and getting us all ready to go each week. We are used to our homebody life! I also love what they are learning there, it has been awesome.
This year it is Cycle 3: American History. Being a Canadian community, we are doing a slightly adjusted curriculum, Canadian History being our core.

I am in the middle of gathering resources for Canadian History and I am hoping to put together some Canadian History book bundles to share with friends.

I have also found some amazing free Canadian History resources on the web.

A comic book app with an animated comic from Renegade Arts and Entertainment, about the War of 1812: The Loxeleys and the War of 1812 (
scroll down to the Educational Resources section and the NFB interactive iPad app adaptation. We love this app!

Another War of 1812 comic is downloadable on this page: for a series about the War of 1812. I haven't read this one yet and can't speak to it's appropriateness.

Canada's History for Kid's website:

There are tons of teaching and parent resources on this website, you just need to do some digging:)


Provinces and Territories
Capitals Song

Jamie Soles has a number of Canadian History songs on his channel, we will be using these as our history songs this year in CC.

16 minute Canada song show

Canadian History

Signs for the provinces

Hope these get you started, I will be adding more lists throughout the summer!

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